Tours & Events

COVID has created a culture in which we find ourselves spending more time in front of a screen in order to connect to our jobs, our friends and families, and our education. While we are fortunate to have this access into the world around us, so much interaction with devices can deplete the spirit and disrupt our internal energy. Blawesome would like to offer a way for our local friends to get out, get inspired, and promote self-harmony and balance by offering “tiny” farm tours on our 4-acre flower farm.


Farmer for a Day

A 90 minute tour that invites guests to be a Blawesome Farmer for a day by experiencing a bit of our daily routine as flower growers on a social care farm. Tours are informative, immersive, hands-on, and best of all, they are led by Raimee.

Parents & Professionals

A 90 minute tour that dives deeper into the concept of Social Care Farming and how it is practiced at Blawesome Farm. Rebecca shares Blawesome’s origin story and the journey with funding resources, community building and networking, and growing processes while offering a guided tour of the flower farm.

Bubbles & Bouquets Workshop

Join Rebecca, Lauren, & Raimee for a socially-distanced learning lab centered on creating two themed floral arrangements and engaging in conversations around flower farming, social care farming, and growing more inclusive communities. The workshop will include a tour of our 4-acre flower farm, buckets of beautiful spring blooms to arrange, lively conversation, a light lunch, and, of course, champagne!

Create Your Own Tours & Workshops

Like our bouquets, we would be happy to custom design a tour or workshop for you! Anniversary brunch? Inspired bag lunch with friends, family, or work colleagues? Flower Crown Workshop? Build-Your-Garden flower starting workshop? We love a challenge, and embrace the opportunity to use our farm, flowers, and experiences in imaginative and innovative ways. To arrange a 15-minute consultation, please send an email to